Sidha Vairabi


Sidha Vairabi is one of the sacred shaktisthal of South Orissa. The shrine dedicated to Maa Siddha Vairabi is located at village Mantridi of Ganjam district, in almost on adjoining border of two neighboring states Orissa and Andrapradesh. It is difficult to estimate the actual age of the temple due to lack of evidences. But the popular belief is that in ancient time the Goddess was worshiped by the sea farers before sailing to overseas islands. The new temple was erected in the year 1907 as per record.


Siddha Vairabi followed the old style of temple construction pattern of the northern India in structure. The deity here, is in the form of a triangular shaped rock carved in a crude fashion said to be an image of Ajakaipada Vairavi, is barely 30 feet high. According to legend a farmer found the deity while sloughing his land. One day while sloughing the field, he got struck with a metal piece. The blade a scar mark on the left hand joint of the statue. Then it was recovered and a temple was erected for the unearthened deity. The scar mark is still prominent on the image.


Like any other temple it is also east facing but the image of deity inside the temple has an angular vision and appears to be looking in west-south direction. There are statues of two gats keepers flanking the doorway above which are the figures of Navagraha. On the outer wall of temple figures of Dasamahavidya is present along with some nude figures. The main land of the temple is present four feet below the deity is installed on a black Granite measuring three feet high and two and half feet brood. The idol remains immersed in water up to its chest level by the water from an underground tank present below the Devi’s feet.


The Goddess is worshiped both according to Shakhitism and Vaishnvism and the main hymn used is Gayatri Mantra. The priest of the temple belongs to Mali caste. Usually devotees visit the shrine through out the year but the numbers increase on the festive days of Makar Sankranti, Mesha Sankranti, Mahasaptami, dushera and every Tuesdays in the month of Chaitro. Sankrantis are other crowd days here through out the year.


Recently a big Jagannath temple along with 108 other small shrines has been built there. The picturesque surroundings with a garden overflowing with different plants contributing to the coolness of the environment allure the devotees much more.